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Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother (SJB)

Image of Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother (SJB)


New version of our LP "Void Mother".
Now in Super Jewel Box and with 12-page booklet.

Please be aware that we manage our stores by ourselves and therefore ship our stuff once a week or once per two weeks (depending on the amount of orders)! Sorry for this little inconvenience, but be sure that you'll get everything you buy! Cheers and many thanks!

Release Date: 15.11.2013

1. Lunar Caustic
2. Velorio
3. Waiting For The Bodies Down The River Floating
4. Feverish
5. Nasciturus
6. Meredith
The Fine Art Of Self Destruction:
7. Decimation
8. Void
9. The Presence Of Goddess

Total: 67:45.

All music and lyrics by Obscure Sphinx.

Drums recorded at Radio Gdansk Studio.
Other instruments and vocals recorded at Sounds Great Promotion Studio by Kuba Mańkowski and Jan Galbas.

Additional vocals and choir recorded at Progresja Studio by Paweł Grabowski.

Mixed and mastered at Sounds Great Promotion Studio by Kuba Mańkowski.

Choir in 'The Presence Of Goddess' by Voice and More.
Written, arranged and conducted by Bartek Caboń.

Doll design and photography by Klaudia Gaugier (
Layout design by Obscure Sphinx.

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